Thursday, May 26, 2016

More good lunching from Old Airport Road Food Centre

We don't come by Old Airport Road FC (51 Old Airport Road) very often so every time we're here, we're spoilt for choice simply because there are so many things that look good.

I quite like the mutton soup from Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup (#01-123). While I don't patronize local Chinese mutton soup often, I remember liking this one as the balance of flavours from the herbs and the mutton work out for me. My stand is that the mutton is allowed to dominate the flavours, but the herbs should not. A balance is of flavours between the two is a compromise I'm willing to accept. Here's a bowl of the $10 portion of mixed parts which they claimed is for two, but I'm pretty sure I could finish it by myself.

I'm not generally a Hokkien mee person. There's usually too much sauce for my liking and while I don't actually dislike them, it's never on the top of my list. Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee (#01-32) works for me because their plate of noodles is not wet. The flavours from the stock are pretty good and there's more bee hoon than mee which creates a texture that I find pleasing.

I've been asked by a friend to give Western Barbeque (#01-53) a shot so here's their pork chop. This was actually quite nice. The meat was tender and juicy - the latter was certainly not something that one can claim of most pork chops from our local Hainanese styled western food stalls. It comes with their signature garlicky sauce (which is ladled over pretty much everything they sell) and a plastic bagged old school bun spread with margarine in between. Nice. I'm going to give their other items a go someday too.

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