Friday, May 13, 2016

A mentaiko mayo mazesoba from Kajiken

Kajiken, mentaiko mayo mazesoba

Here's a bowl of the mentaiko mayo mazesoba from Kajiken. It was noticeably dryer than their Nagoya bowl but still delicious. The main difference between eating this and the former bowl was that I didn't use any extra chilli oil or vinegar because I really wanted that mentaiko flavour to come through. I thought it would have been a more enjoyable eat if they portioned more of the roe. From what we've observed so far, the toppings are pretty good portions only if one took the regular portions of noodles. Upgraded portions, free as it is would certainly benefit from additional toppings which is chargeable.

By the way, that cup of soup that the serve on the side is pretty good.


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