Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chomping @ Chomp Chomp

Been a really long time since I last ate at Chomp Chomp (20 Kensington Park Rd). I recall that there was once upon a time when we would have visited at least a few times a year. This visit was probably the only one in quite a number of recent years. I'm not sure if it's just me but it has gotten a lot more smokier than I remember.

Here's a plate spinach wanton noodles from Swee Heng Wanton Noodle (#01-12). Pretty decent plate and what made it really palatable was their chilli sauce which packed some umami heat. Wantons were smooth skinned, had rather tasty stuffings and I liked those caramelized bits from their char siew. If they had been located somewhere else more accessible, I could see me eating this more regularly.

At the entrance of Chomp Chomp is a shop called I-Chai (#01-19) that is known largely for their poh piah, kueh pie tee and Fuzhou oyster cakes. The roll with visible stuffings is known as their sushi poh piah. They've added a seaweed wrap around the skin and some cheap but deliciously creamy melty plastic wrapped cheese. The other roll has century eggs in the stuffings. You know what? Both spring rolls were pretty good. But as poh piah went, this stall was also kinda pricey.

We ordered a dozen skewers from Chomp Chomp Satay (#01-34), the stall that was selling at 60 cents a stick when the rest of the other stalls were going at 50 cents. We told ourselves that we've interpreted that as confidence but honestly, I have no idea why these guys costed more. In retrospect we had no complains. Those satay was quite nice but we hadn't any idea if the others were as good since we haven't tried any of them.

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