Monday, May 16, 2016

Savour 2016

foie-ffle (Artichoke)
Artichoke Fried Chicken
carabinero - cauliflower, raisin and almond (Buona Terra) 
home made tagliolini, Parmesan, shaven back truffle (Buona Terra)
wagyu striploin (Bar-a-Thym)
This was our first time visiting Savour. While I was tempted by the ones from the previous years, the thing that really put me off was the need to purchase tickets for admission and food. So I’m pretty pleased that they’ve done away with that nonsense this year. If any of the Savour folks are reading this, please improve on the shelters for the next one. The blistering sun and having to eat underneath that scorching heat took away a lot of fun and after a while, we gave up and sought sanctuary in the air conditioned Market.

We managed to try from a few stalls. The stuff from Artichoke was pretty nice. We liked both the syrup-ed crispy skinned fried chicken and the foie-ffle though it was really that foie gras butter and light & crisp corn waffle from the latter which I found more memorable. Both the carabinero shrimp and pasta from Buona Terra were tasty too but the portions were really measly. I did kinda like the wagyu from Bar-A-Thyme. It was some nice striploin and delicious vegetables on the side, but that meat was not wagyu good if you know what I mean.  

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