Sunday, May 08, 2016

BeerThai House Restaurant, Golden Mile Complex

BeerThai House Restaurant, Golden Mile Complex

It's been quite a while since the last time I stepped into this building. For some reasons, we had never headed this direction for Thai food even though it was one of the things that Golden Mile was known for. So today, it's BeerThai House Restaurant (#01-96, Golden Mile Complex, 6001 Beach Rd, tel : +65 6297 7644).

BeerThai House Restaurant, boat noodles

We tried their boat noodles. While we weren't expecting it to be anywhere close to the standards of the last one we had, this bowl here turned out not too bad. The vermicelli had soaked up all the flavour from the broth.

BeerThai House Restaurant, tom yum goong nam khon

We had tom yum goong nam khon. The version of the tom yum goong with milk. And that's evaporated milk, not coconut milk in case you were wondering. In this dangerous looking bowl, were bits of sliced fish, squid, shrimp and fish balls. The tom yam broth packed quite a bit of sour and heat.

That unwittingly triggered a certain, usually dormant inner masochism which prompted me to spoon mouthful after mouthful of it into my mouth even though my lips were already burning. 

BeerThai House Restaurant, krapow century eggs

I don't know what's the name of this dish but it's essentially a krapow moo with century eggs. Quite salty, rich from the eggs and bits of pork fat and good with white rice. 

BeerThai House Restaurant, som tam

And there was som tam with salted egg. A salad of papaya strips refreshingly spicy with squeezed lime, crunchy textures and full of bold flavours.

BeerThai House Restaurant, steamed squid lime

This was a steamed squid dish with chillis and lime. It was a lot more zesty than I had anticipated.

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