Sunday, May 15, 2016

Northern Thai Restaurant (泰北), Peace Centre

northern Thai tom yum
We've stumbled past this shop in the past, but hadn't realised that it was the Northern Thai (#01-46 Peace Centre 1 Sophia Road) place because it had been located inside Isle Cafe. The shop didn't look like much and the menu's pretty small. Sadly the mango salad looked like it had been just taken out not too long ago. Which left me disappointed. But I suppose people don't come here for variety. 

pad hoon sen
The main draw to Northern Thai is their northern Thai styled tom yum soup. The creamy orange one on top that you see with no chilli oils. I've got to admit that I liked it quite a bit. There wasn't so much heat as there were those appetizing tanginess which kept us spooning one after another. There was fried fish in the bowl which soaked up that delicious soup. Those green bits one the side are kaffir lime leaves and for the eagle eyed & initiated, this bowl was requested for without coriander. 

pineapple fried rice
Their pineapple fried rice and pad hoon sen were okay I guess. Sufficiently flavoured, simple and straightforward; well done enough that I wouldn't mind having them with some regularity if I had to but it wouldn't be something I'd travel the distance for. I would come back for that northern styled tom yum again though.

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