Monday, March 01, 2021

Lombardo's, Duxton Road

Lombardo's, Duxton Road

Lombardo's (15 Duxton Road, tel : +65 6970 9470) from Amsterdam opened here in late 2019. Made a name for themselves offering Singapore's most expensive burger for $250 a pop for a limited time - wagyu, foie gras, lobster, freshly shaven Italian truffle and caviar between 24k gold buns. That sounded ostentatiously vulgar even as I typed it. 

That episode is now recent history. I came to try another limited time burger that they came up with. Something with durian.

Lombardo's, crab croquette

These were their crab croquettes. I normally wouldn't have bothered but noticed the picture on the menu that featured the innards. Was packed with crab meat. We asked and they confirmed so we ordered. If you asked me, these were crab cakes rather than croquette. Not bad. Nicely fried and not overly greasy.

Lombardo's, durian burger product

Picture on top was taken from their site for their durian burger. I wouldn't say that it's a burger that'll normally make me do a double take but the durian intrigued me.

Lombardo's, durian burger

This was how it looked without 美图. Pickles and tomatoes were underneath the patty - a patty which was decent and short of outstanding. Black Tap is better but I do like their buttered sesame buns.

What I assumed to be the durian puree/sauce wasn't as plentiful as the product picture suggested. But it smelled right. Definitely durian taste in there and it did not taste weird at all with the beef patty. The flavour wasn't overpowering or even very strong but there was enough of it that you knew it was there.

Lombardo's, lamb burger

I think most of their burgers look similar. This one was lamb with goat's cheese. Not bad. No sauce for me next time. Nothing special about their special sauces just like everyone else's.

Lombardo's, lime zest fries

Lime zest fries were okay-ish too. It had that flavoured crusty surface that tasted like twister fries - with the lime zest of course. 

Lombardo's, Duxton Road

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