Friday, March 26, 2021

Jin Xi Lai (Mui Siong) Minced Meat Noodle/金喜来(梅松)肉脞面, Veerasamy Road

We've been hearing quite a bit about Jin Xi Lai (Mui Siong) Minced Meat Noodle (Yi He Eating House, 638 Veerasamy Road). Or simply just Mui Siong. From online and even from friends. I admit that I was a little skeptical at the start but the minced meat noodles made me a believer. 

The mee pok's kinda good with a likeable springy texture that had bite. This was with chilli and it wasn't very spicy. But what people talk about are their thick slices of pig liver which was the source of my initial skepticism. I was afraid that it wouldn't be well cooked or that it would have a texture that didn't agree with me. It was good. I loved the texture from the well timed doneness - not chewy of powdery nor crunchy because it was undercooked. I'd go for just the livers and minced meat the next time. Nothing special about the fishball and fish cakes.

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