Thursday, March 04, 2021

Back at Menya Kokoro

Menya Kokoro, 100am

We first ate at Menya Kokoro in August 19. In the approximately one and a half years between then at now, we've only visited a few times. The menu kept changing. So while I liked them in the past, the like existed in a spectrum. Spectrum's narrowing because they keep removing what I liked. 

Menya Kokoro, big pork mazesoba

There's a big pork mazesoba on the menu. Never had it before so we tried it. It's not bad. Savoury and also familiar in flavour in a Chinese kind of way. I can't put a finger to it right now. Don't know why they named it big pork though as it was essentially just thin pork slices. It was much tastier than the beef bowl they have which I did not enjoy because of the sweetness.

Menya Kokoro, spicy mazesoba

The spicy mazesoba I liked was also no longer on the menu. There's a mala version instead. I asked if they could do the spicy bowl without mala and they obliged. So I kinda got it off the menu. Good thing I asked.

Menya Kokoro, spicy mazesoba

Still as sweat inducing delicious as the last time. Couldn't waste the leftover sauce laden with minced meat.

Menya Kokoro, spicy mazesoba

So here's the after noodle rice treat.

Menya Kokoro, kurozu tori karaage

The other item they took off the menu it seemed was their tori karaage. The one I had previously described as muscular. There's this kurozu rendition with presumably vinegar. It's not bad, one could imagine it as a sort of sweet and sour chicken. But it's also not the regular chunky one I had been looking forward to.

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