Saturday, January 04, 2020

Spicy mazesoba and tori karaage from Menya Kokoro

We came back to Menya Kokoro because we kinda liked some of the stuff that we have had previously. Like their mentai ebi mazesobabeef mazedon or cold pork yuzu hiyashi. What we did not expect was that none of those were available on menu anymore.

Can you believe that?

So I ended up with their spicy mazesoba. Which was a good thing because I liked it. Liked how savoury and umami it was with a heat that built up in short order from a warmth to something that was spicy but not excessively so. The heat didn't leave me with burning lips or tongue so none of that numbing sensations that would rob you of flavour.

The delicious intensity from the flavours called for some rice to go with the remaining minced meat and sauce.

Tried their "muscular" looking tori karaage. Liked it. These karaage were larger than most but not the size of those at The Public Izakaya. Couldn't taste any of the ginger marinade so that's a plus for me. The shell of these molecularly agitated fried chicken were crisp, sealing steaming hot meat and juices that were just waiting to spill forth.

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