Monday, January 06, 2020

Tokyo Soba, Icon Village

Tokyo Soba, Icon Village

Tokyo Soba is the current incarnation of what used to be Yomoda Soba at Japan Food Town. For some reasons, these guys moved out and landed up in this location (#01-16 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, tel : +65 6410 9353). We were here this past New Year's Eve for the last dinner of 19. Coincidentally, it's a tradition of sorts in Japan for soba to be had on the eve of the new year and the shop was selling toshikoshi soba for that.

Which we didn't get.

Tokyo Soba, shirasu wakame kakiage

We got a bowl with shirasu wakame kakiage. The broth was smoky like I recalled it. While I didn't dislike the kakiage, I also didn't think much of it. Maybe I'm just not a fan of shirasu after it has been fried. The fritter was crisp, a little oily and tasted better after it had been dipped in the soba broth.

Tokyo Soba, kitsune soba

We also had a kitsune soba. Broth was not as smoky and also slightly sweet because of the kitsune - which I loved by the way. Something about the tender spongy texture and the sweetness appealed to me.

Tokyo Soba, spinach bacon butter

We wanted some vegetables for the dinner and the menu had spinach with bacon and butter. The butter and bacon made the spinach go down so much easier because grease lubricates. True story.

Tokyo Soba, Icon Village

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