Friday, January 03, 2020

Kim Kitchen Braised Duck, Beo Crescent Food Centre

I did not notice Kim Kitchen Braise Duck (#01-82 Beo Cresecent Food Centre, 38A Beo Crescent) until recent months. I'm pretty sure they weren't around before so they've gotta be new or relatively so. Anyways, what I found interesting was that it was run by a young looking couple but the food looked like it wouldn't have been out of place from a generation back or two.

It's mostly braised duck and kuey chap items. Noticed that they have minced meat noodles which were kinda uniquely their rendition unlike regular ba chor mee. Tar pow-ed it once and decided to eat at the stall this time round. They ran out of char siew and replaced the noodles with braised pork belly. Added an egg, some pig skin and pig intestines. It's not bad at all. While I prefer a more savoury recipe for these in general, I didn't mind that their herbal/spice mix was also little sweet. The braising liquid had infused very well especially for those intestines. Soup had a surprisingly bitter base. Noodles weren't incompetently soggy or clumpy.

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