Monday, January 20, 2020

Steamed oysters and frog legs from Lao You Ji (老友記)

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, oysters

We came back to Lao You Ji for their luncheon meat fried rice amongst other things and noticed that they had steamed oysters on the menu. We asked about their 'market price' and it turned out to be $12 a piece. Pretty expensive but they convinced us that the quality was good and that the oysters were large. We picked the one steamed with black bean sauce. While it wasn't in the same league as the largest I've personally had, it was hefty and the quality was pretty good like they claimed.  

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, kung bao frog legs

Tried their kung bao frog legs. I was hoping that there would be more luxuriant gravy like those that are sold in frog porridge stalls but the gravy in here was scarce. Rather edible if not remarkable. Somehow, the preparation had dislodged quite a bit of the meat off the legs so we were fishing around in the pot for frog thighs and calves separated from the bones.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, Outram Road

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