Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant (老友記), Outram Road

Yet another one of those spots (245 Outram Road) we've passed by on countless occasions and wondered if they were any good until we finally visited. Local cze char.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, luncheon meat fried rice

We decided to get their luncheon meat fried rice because. I mean - when was the last time you saw luncheon meat fried rice from a cze char shop? The short of it - this was tastier than I had imagined and these guys know how to do fried rice. It was pulled off nicely with a light moisture, some egginess and no excessive grease.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, nai bai

Our vegetable for the evening was nai bai (奶白) stir fried with garlic. Pretty competent.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, pork trotter bee hoon

I haven't had braised pork trotters bee hoon for quite a long while. This wasn't too bad but I'm pretty sure there are renditions with more robust flavours around. I didn't realise that the ingredients included chestnuts until today.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, pineapple chicken

I bet that most of you would think this was sweet and sour pork at first glance.

It's not. This was a dish they named pineapple chicken. Essentially it was a sweet and sour chicken with more pineapples and none of the other fillers. I wanted to feel like I was duped into ordering it from the name in the menu but the chicken was actually pretty good eating. Deep fried chunks of meat that are subsequently stir fried in their sweet and sour sauce. The pineapples were pretty acidic though. Made my teeth squeak.

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