Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Five Guys, Plaza Singapura

five guys avengers

Woah, was that a resounding endorsement of Five Guys from Peter Parker, Mike Costa or Bob Iger? Anywayyys, the burger chain has finally set up shop on our sunny shores (#01-23 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road). We happened to be nearby one weekend early enough that the queue hasn't become discouraging.

five guys burgers

I liked it. Liked it as much as I did in NYC. Well, maybe I liked it in NYC a little bit more. Got ourselves an "all in" sans ketchup and on the right, a cheese burger with only sautéed mushrooms. With nothing else for distraction beside the mushrooms, the flavours from both the beef patties and creamy cheese came through. You heard it here now.

I remember saying something about their fries being the best, possibly, for fast food fries. I maintain that statement here.

five guys milkshake

Since it's not visually obvious - that's a peanut butter, banana and bacon shake. Not quite getting the banana there though.

five guys ed sheeran heston blumenthal

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