Sunday, April 01, 2018

Five Guys, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Five Guys, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

We were looking for something to fill our bellies after checking into the hotel close to midnight and Five Guys (253 W 42nd St, NY 10036, tel : +212 398 2600) by a stroke of chance happened to be within walking distance. From what I've learnt, the locals call this area 42th and 8th. 

Five Guys, bacon cheeseburger, NYC

All the major food groups including fruits can be found in their bacon cheeseburger. It felt pretty hefty wrapped in foil. The regular burgers on the menu come with two patties and the little ones come with one.

This was an "all in" sans ketchup. I liked that the sauce wasn't over done and that I could still taste those beefy charred patties with all the ingredients inside. Despite the size, the sandwich went down pretty easily. 

Five Guys, fries

Couldn't pass on their fries which were really good. I like soggy fries and these thick cut, skin on Idaho potato-y fries definitely worked for me. In my limited experience, the best fast food fries I've had.

Five Guys, peanut butter shake

Washed down with a thick peanut butter shake. Aahhhhh.......burp!

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D said...

Welcome to my city bro. Greatest city in the world!