Thursday, April 19, 2018

Original Pantry Cafe, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe

We made the drive from Vegas to L.A. in time for dinner. It was a coincidence that Original Pantry Cafe (877 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017, tel : +213 972 9279) which I had heard about and intended to visit was just a couple of minutes walk away from where we were staying. 

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, counter

This 24 hour cash only diner had been around since 1924. It was rumoured to never have been closed  since they opened and is one of the sites of Los Angeles' Historic-Cultural Monument. The space hung about a retro charm that cannot quite be replicated and that charm came with the greasy smell of food that clung to your clothes. Haha. 

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, coleslaw

Whatever we ordered came with coleslaw. It wasn't the healthiest option for vegetables but we didn't come here to eat healthy and we certainly did need some fibre in our diet after the meat heavy meals we've been having.

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, bread butter

Toasted bread also came with whatever we had ordered. Much appreciated the chilled salted butter and jam that came with them.

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, chilli bean soup

Soup of the day was some chilli bean soup. Tasted like the stuff they ladled over A&W's Coney Dogs. Nice for a cold night.

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, ham steak

I had a ham steak with sunny side up. Big assed boned in ham that challenged you to finish them after all the other food that came prior. I recommend it with some maple syrup and if you're wondering if I finished it all, I did. 

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, hash brown

That ham steak also came with some hash brown on the side. The crusty parts on the hash brown were disappointingly hard and chewy and not good for eating but the potatoes were pretty good after a few shakes of salt and pepper. We left this place almost bursting at the seams because these guys certainly made sure they fed you well.

Los Angeles, Original Pantry Cafe, since 1924

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