Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge (夜上海潮洲粥), Lengkok Bahru

This was a lot of food and rather inexpensive for both the quality and quantity that we had at Ye Shang Hai (55 Lengkok Bahru, #01-387). Clearly, there are corners in the vicinity of places I pass by with some frequency that I haven't discovered. In case you were wondering, the spread fed five.

Note to self - the curry was watery and beware the shreds of ginger in the minced pork.

minced pork with fermented black beans

stewed cabbage

stewed pig intestines


some steamed fish

fried chicken

hae bi hiam (spicy minced dried  shrimp)

stewed hairy gourd


luncheon meat

braised/stewed pig skin

fried egg

tau kee (stewed dried beancurd skin)

tau kwa (stewed beancurd)

tau pok (stewed dried beancurd)

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