Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A random fast food breakfast in Vegas

I know. Fast food in Vegas. It's hard not to stumble upon a chain or brand name and we were looking for something quick and fuss free. Some would think it's a waste of a meal but it happened.

Taco bells has breakfast burritos. Small puny rolls but these were just a dollar plus each and honestly, not too a bad an eat for the cost. Filled with scrambled eggs and sausage or bacon bits.

What those breakfast burritos rocked with though, were their hot sauce. If you like spicy, the Diablo was pretty good.

I remember McD serving breakfast biscuits ages ago back home and for some reasons, they stopped doing it. Here's one for nostalgia since I can't get them anymore. They don't seem to taste as good as I remember them, but then again, my taste could have evolved. Or perhaps the memory was a little more romantic than the reality. Who knows.

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