Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Lombardi's, Lower Manhattan, NYC

New York, Lombardi's, you're at Lombardi's

We headed down to SOHO to join D for some pizza at Lombardi's (32 Spring St, NY 10012, tel : +212 941 7994). I read that they were founded over a century ago as the first pizzeria in the United States and remains one of the few pizzeria to maintain the licence for coal fired oven for their pizzas. Can't do New York without trying some New York pizzas, no?

New York, Lombardi's, clam pizza

Got ourselves their famous clam pie and a white pizza with pepperoni. With a squeeze of lemon, the former was a little tangy, garlicky and plentiful of bite with the generous portion of clams 

New York, Lombardi's, ricotta pizza

The white pizza on the other hand was rich with a creamy ricotta and some heat from I don't know what. Both were technically "white pizza" so there wasn't any tomato sauce which I was oddly looking forward to.

New York, Lombardi's

In truth, I wasn't sure what to make out of it. While I enjoyed them, they somehow didn't leave an impression like what I had imagined them to. On the other hand, these also weren't the traditional cheese and tomato pies so I haven't had what is perceived to be a regular slice. Yet.

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