Friday, April 06, 2018

The Spotted Pig, West Village, NYC

New York, The Spotted Pig, burger

We managed to get our table at The Spotted Pig (314 W 11th St, NY 10014, tel : +212 620 0393) after more than a half hour wait in the cold.

I was definitely looking forward to their burger with Rocquefort cheese. The very one that has a patty from a custom brisket, short loin and chuck blend by Pat LaFrieda. Done medium rare. It was satisfying to say the least and surprisingly, the blue cheese didn't fully overwhelm the meat. Speaking of meat, the aroma was nice but mellow for something that was aged. I'm with the position that the cheese introduced a complementary complexity to the meat in some ways and on the same hand, also masked some of the natural flavours of the beef. At $26 USD, it wasn't cheap though.

I only had one gripe with the food. That was their heavy hand with the salt which was evident in their asparagus soup and those thin shoestring fries that came with the burger.  

New York, The Spotted Pig

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