Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Keens Steakhouse, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

New York, Keens Steakhouse

We had heard about Keens Steakhouse (72 W 36th St, NY 10018, tel : +212 947 3636) and made it a destination for this trip. The place was initially part of a theatre and literary group from London and eventually broke off into a gentleman's club and eventually, a restaurant in 1885. The ceilings of the restaurant is lined by the pipes that had belonged to the members from the older era. Pipes of owners that are probably long gone.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, over 132 years old

As can be seen from their packets of sugar, the steakhouse likes to remind people that they've been around for quite a long while.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, bread

We were served warmed loaves with butter while waiting for our orders.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, Brooklyn Lager

I decided that it would be an appropriate time to also nurse a glass of Brooklyn Lager, nice brew by the way, while waiting.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, Caesar's salad

This was possibly the first proper vegetable item we had after arriving in NYC. A nicely done Caesar salad. Just so that we could balance the meat heavy meal.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, mutton chop

The one item that I had been intensely curious about after hearing of was their mutton chop. About 26 oz from what I gather - cut from the loin of a Colorado sheep about a year old. The meat was a masculine red, tender and had a light blanket of that lovely gaminess (more on the fattier parts). Good stuff there. Came with a serving of lemon-y escarole to balance out all that delicious meat. 

New York, Keens Steakhouse, prime rib

If I might say so, Keens also did a very competent prime rib. Tender and flavourful and personally, as enjoyable as the mutton chop.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, creamed spinach

For the consideration of an even more balanced diet, some nicely done creamed spinach. These were delicious.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, key lime pie

And because the food was good, we were encouraged to get a dessert. That's their key lime pie. Lightest I've had and possibly in my limited experience, also the best I've had. There was bit of fresh flavours from those bits of zest and just a few small notches from what one could consider ethereal. Best of all, it wasn't excessively sweet.

New York, Keens Steakhouse, dinosaur sirloin

If you didn't know, Keens also has a little piece of dinosaur sirloin that's been aging on their walls for over 75 million years. Imagine that!

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