Monday, April 09, 2018

99 Cent Express Pizza, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

New York, 99 Cents Express Pizza, pizza

So this was supper - again, not too far of a walk from where I was. We had passed by the shop (301 W 43rd St, NY 10036, tel : +212 315 5257) at 43rd and 8th a couple of days back and I suppose this was as NY an experience as it gets. Being in proximity of the hotel and opening late definitely helped.

I'm not going to say that this was in any way awesome or kick-ass because it wasn't. While the pizza wasn't outright impressive, it was edible and did the job for the craving. That's the mushroom and one with extra cheese. I supposed I would have been more impressed if they had made the extra cheese toasty and nicely browned with crispy edges. But for a frills free budget joint that does by the slice, I couldn't complain.

New York, 99 Cents Express Pizza

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