Thursday, April 05, 2018

Red Lobster, Times Square, NYC

New York, Red Lobster, lobster

A group dinner brought us to Red Lobster. While it didn't appear to be very promising, Red Lobster (5 Times Square, NY 10036, tel : +212 730 6706) turned out to be a little better than I had imagined despite the TGIF appearances.

New York, Red Lobster, Caesar's salad

Granted that aside from the boring Caesar salad that came with the entree, I didn't really eat much else except the 1 1/4 pound steamed lobster that I ordered, enhanced with some drawn butter. Very decent if not outstanding and noticeably cheaper than what I would have paid for back home. I even enjoyed the sides of beans and buttery sweet potato mash.

New York, Red Lobster, cheddar biscuits

The other thing that was pretty good were those free flow of cheddar biscuits that they served at the start. Not the best biscuits I've had but they were light, fluffy on the inside even and were piping hot. Tasted freshly made!

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