Monday, April 30, 2018

Round 2 at The Public Izakaya

The Public Izakaya, 100AM

We thought the last visit showed some promise so we came back to try more of their food. To be honest, these guys look like the part of an izakaya and didn't quite feel like one. The word 'contrived' comes to mind. But I would not begrudge the food on that.

The Public Izakaya, moyashi itame

First to arrive was their moyashi itame. Boiled bean sprouts with a pretty tasty, nutty minced meat sauce. 

The Public Izakaya, baigai

Followed up by some delicious shoyu flavoured baigai. I found these snails pretty addictive and even saved the broth for later.

The Public Izakaya, maguro yukke

The only disappointing item we had was their maguro yukke. There was some Korean-ish tasting sweet and spicy sauce that kinda ruined it. The only marinade we expected was shoyu and maybe sesame oil.

The Public Izakaya, crab

There was kani miso, baked I believe in the oven, served in the shell with crackers. One can imagine these to be excellent drinking food.

The Public Izakaya, kushiyaki

The Public Izakaya, kushiyaki

More of those bacon hotate and hatsu which we liked from the previous visit.

The Public Izakaya, tori karaage

We saw these big assed tori karaage the last time on the neighbouring tables and decided to try them. These were actually pretty well fried. Their crusty skin had sealed in all the juices and heat in the meat. This was what I had saved my baigai broth for, but they're easily as good with mayo or on their own.

The Public Izakaya, raclette potatoes

And some cheesy raclette potatoes to end.

The Public Izakaya, suntory black

Accept no substitutes. Just kidding....but this was definitely a good drink to throw back in our warm evenings.

The Public Izakaya, 100AM

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