Sunday, April 08, 2018

Xi'an Famous Foods, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

New York, Xi'an Famous Foods, biang biang mian

I came across the mention of Xi'an Famous Foods (24 W 45th St., NY 10036, tel : +212 786 2068) a few years back and was intrigued. They originally started out at Flushing in Queens and have since expanded to a number of outlets. Family run I heard. I found one of their outlets a short walk from where I was staying down at 45th. What luck!

One of those things they were known for was their biang biang mian. Noodles are apparently hand pulled to order. Here's the one with lamb. Doesn't look like very much but I thought they were pretty good. Spicy, salty and full of those cumin-y flavours that kept me going. From the textures, I'm pretty sure the noodles weren't made too long ago. I wish they would open one of these back home.

New York, Xi'an Famous Foods

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