Saturday, April 07, 2018

A company lunch event at Morton's

New York, Morton's, beef eater

So Morton's (136 Washington St., NY 10006, tel  : + 212 608 0171) in NYC down at the World Trade Centre. This was a catered event so nothing was ordered.

New York, Morton's, Morton's salad

That Morton's salad looked a little sad. It tasted okay though and some green vegetables were certainly what I needed.

New York, Morton's, filet mignon

This was possibly the smallest steak I've had at Morton's. Most haphazardly plated one too. A 6oz filet mignon without sufficient char to give credit to the restaurant's namesake. But they were cooking for a lot of people so I suppose standards slip. It wasn't bad by any stretch - just a little smaller than what would have been satisfying. Mashed potatoes were nice.

New York, Morton's, cheesecake

Smaller steak also meant that I had some room to spare for their cheesecake. Not bad. Rich, creamy and a little too much sweetness than I would like to deal with. But no complains here.

New York, Morton's

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