Sunday, April 22, 2018

Philippe the Original, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, counter lady

I normally keep faces out of the pictures but we had such a friendly and chirpy counter lady today at Philippe the Original (1001 North Alameda, Los Angeles, CA 9001, tel : +213 628 3781) that I thought she deserved to be featured in recognition for it. Here's her getting us some pickled eggs.

Anyways, Philippe's is an institution in these parts and has been opened since 1908. That would make them a century and a decade old. They've been said to be the inventor of the French dip sandwich and those were what we were here for.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, double dipped lamb blue cheese

I got the double dipped lamb and bleu cheese - with meat that was sliced off the leg of the lamb on order and assembled right in front of us. Unpretentiously hearty and delicious it was that the sandwich went down easy peasy lemon squeezy. I liked this.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, chilli peppers

Some potato salad on the side and pickled yellow hot chilli peppers that had a bit of bite. Awesome with those French dips.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, pink eggs

These pink eggs have been pickled in beet juice, red wine and vinegar. Hence the colour. They were just sour hard boiled eggs if you were still wondering what they tasted like.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, chocolate cream pie

We had an order of their chocolate cream pie which was chocolate cream piled with even more cream. It's kinda nice though.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original, baked apple

The counter lady told us that their baked apples used to be bigger. Not that we could tell since we've never been here. This was like an apple pie without the pie. Apple, sugar and cinnamon. It's not bad.

Los Angeles, Philippe the Original

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