Monday, April 02, 2018

Landmarc, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

New York, Landmarc, pain perdu

Brekkie at Landmarc (10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor, NY 10019, tel : +212 823 6123) by Marc Murphy at Time Warner Centre. The food was much better than it sounded on the menu. But we came especially for their pain perdu and bacon.

New York, Landmarc, pain perdu

And that pain perdu was huge. Larger than what I had imagined it to be. But it was pretty damn good. A crisp brown shell of bread with eggy/creamy/custardy insides. I hear that their bread is specially made for them. Doused with a healthy helping of maple syrup, it was rich and sweet and filling. Pretty awesome for the first meal of the day. 

New York, Landmarc, Duroc bacon

That pain perdu was accompanied by a side, separately ordered of course, of crisp smoky Duroc bacon. Also awesome with the maple syrup. These had a more crisp exterior than the ones from Artichoke.

New York, Landmarc, onion soup

There were a few other things we had. Like the onion soup which had a rich beefy broth, loaded with gooey cheese which was one of the better I've had. Hash browns were quite addictive too. Addictive like I'm running out of space and I'm still shovelling forkfuls of them into my face kind of addictive. A seat at the window got us a view of Columbus Circle and the Trump Tower.

New York, Landmarc, Trump Tower, Central Park

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