Thursday, April 12, 2018

Shake Shack at Woodbury

New York, Shake Shack, burger

We were at Woodbury Common for...reasons. There's a Shake Shack (199 Niagara Lane, Central Valley, NY 10917, tel : +845 827 3140) here so this was quite the no brainer since the other options didn't look so appealing and one has to do Shake Shack at least once in NYC right? Right?

I like this on the whole a bit more than Five Guys but it's a little more than that. These beef patties were more flavourful with those crust on the edges (also maybe because it's a blend from Pat LaFrieda?). Their cheese was also saltier tastier than the ones that Five Guys uses and the peanut butter shake was more flavourful. I'm guess that's probably because the shakes here are made for their flavour rather than being flavoured vanilla shakes. BUT - definitely prefer the fries over at Five Guys.

New York, Shake Shack, Woodbury

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