Sunday, April 29, 2018

Chicken dumplings and stuffed guinea fowl at Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, garbure

The chicken dumplings are back in the garbure at Le Bistrot du Sommelier! We've been waiting for those dumplings to be rotated back in since they've been replaced with garlic pork sausages. Not that the sausages were bad but we liked this better.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, garbure

These dumplings were precious. Only a pair in a pot and they're really good in a tender chicken-y manner.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, guinea fowl

I think it's the spring menu currently, hence the sugar snap peas, asparaguses and green peas. That's a half guinea fowl stuffed with mushroom paste on creamy rice. Enjoyed the bird. The meat was tender and had a gamier profile than chicken. Those creamy rice weren't very creamy though. The only thing that flavoured them was the sauce for the fowl and they tasted like they were a little undercooked.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, Armenian Street

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