Friday, January 17, 2020

Enishi, International Plaza

Enishi, International Plaza

Enishi (#02-85A International Plaza, 10 Anson Road) is from Kobe. What differentiates them from the numerous ramen-ya scattered around is that their soup ramen uses a dashi base broth instead of the more commonly seen tonkotsu/miso/shoyu/shio. The shop's small - only limited counter seats and they serve only two bowls; the dashi bowl and the dan dan noodles.

Enishi, dan dan noodle

Their dan dan noodles is quite pretty. I got mine in mid level spiciness and mala. Mid level isn't very spicy.

Enishi, dan dan noodle

The diced onions and heat helped with the monotony. There was a predominant nutty flavour like peanut butter.  

Enishi, vinegar

In my opinion, what really helped cut through the richness were the options of vinegars that they had which added that tangy dimension that kept the creamy sauced noodles interesting.

Enishi, dan dan noodle rice

Good enough that I asked for rice.

Enishi, dashi ramen

This was our first dashi broth ramen. On hindsight, we should have picked the stronger flavour option but that will happen the next time. Pretty sure there was some fish powder in it. Liked the yuzu lingering in the background. Noodles were thick, a little flat and buckwheat. They were okay and I couldn't say that it was special enough that I would find them memorable.

Their charshu was super soft and nicely charred with that burnt aroma and smoked duck was very agreeable. Not sure if I had imagined it but the aji tamago had a sweetness in it.

Enishi, International Plaza

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