Thursday, January 02, 2020


Baristart, wagyu gyutan teishoku

We knew that Baristart Coffee had food other than coffee and sweets. Didn't get a chance at those until recently. I'm kinda impressed/surprised that they actually featured a Tajima wagyu gyutan teishoku on their menu. Who would have thought? 

Baristart, wagyu gyutan

That gyutan teishoku was pretty decent. Came with tsukemono, a clear oxtail soup, some vegetable/kombu thing and rice from Hokkaido. The latter wasn't so special after we've gotten so acquainted with Suju, but no comparison will be made here. The gyutan was thinly sliced, tender and chewy. The more one chewed, the more flavours came forth. 

Baristart, shiso pesto seafood pasta

Tried their shiso pesto seafood pasta. Liked their perky shiso flavour of the pesto which was pretty much how I imagined it would taste like. The seafood that they had used was was pretty good quality and the spaghetti was of impeccable doneness. 

Baristart, espresso tonic

I liked how the flavour from the espresso came through their espresso tonic. But at $7.50, it was pretty expensive.

Baristart, Tras Street

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