Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Trying the strong dashi broth at Enishi

Enishi, strong dashi broth

Enishi has changed. Shaken up a little. Seems that they're doing 100 bowls a day now. I wanted to try the stronger dashi broth from them because we picked the regular option previously and thought a bit more intensity in the flavour would be great. This stronger broth was not bad. But that's not all to the story. Enishi has really changed. The knee jerk was to attribute it to the fact that the Japanese chef wasn't/is no longer around and the current person just did things differently. 

How exactly was it different you might wonder? Different enough that I regretted ordering the 'special' bowl for the extra ingredients.

Enishi, charshu

Charshu was disappointing. I upsized my bowl to the 'special' imagining that the charshu would be as I recalled, the tender and crumbing in your mouth experience. This was thick sliced and hard. Wasn't sure if the long torching session had anything to do with it. I tried to finish it but in the end, I had to leave that bit behind because it simply wasn't worth it. Duck was tender and chewy. The rest of the bowl was fine. Today's dan dan noodles has crushed peanuts in it which I didn't recall from our last bowl. Seemed that they've decided to go crunchy instead of just smooth - like peanut butter.

Enishi, International Plaza

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