Wednesday, March 03, 2021

More TWG

TWG, Swissôtel The Stamford

This was a visit from Valentine's Day. TWG had a menu for that day which included things that weren't on the regular menu.

TWG, mom amour tea

Like their Mon Amour tea which was black tea with yellow blossoms and quince. No idea what yellow blossoms are and I couldn't taste quince, but it was a pleasant ice tea.

TWG, financiers

These were their financiers - might have been raspberries in it. Which didn't do much to make them taste better. But as financiers, they were pleasant because they were heated up. Besides, one can always up the ante with their cream and tea jelly for that extra creamy richness or chilled fruity (or fruitea) tanginess. Or both together if one were inclined. 

TWG, lamb

We were actually drawn here today by their lamb. They only had one main for their Valentine's day menu. And it was lamb. Quite nicely done at that. It was to their normal form done with a jus infused with tea. Couldn't taste the tea but tasted good with the lamb and the olives. The brown crusty stuff on the top left were white truffle potato croquettes.

TWG, mocktail

Mocktail of the day was made with breakfast tea, pomegranate and lime juice, strawberry purée and rose essence. This was delicious.

TWG, Swissôtel The Stamford

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