Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Hillman Restaurant, Kitchener Road

I found out about this place (135 Kitchener Road, tel : +65 6221 5073) years ago after having visited Manhill Restaurant a long while back. Yes, it's Manhill and Hillman. Same difference. 

I recalled liking the paper wrapped chicken (纸包鸡) from Manhill. I think Hillman here does it the same. Sweet, savoury and a hint of ginger that I didn't mind. The pieces of thigh meat were dripping with grease and juices. Leagues ahead of those from Union Farm Eating House.

Haven't had mui fan in years. This one was nice. Reminded me of those that I used to have as a kid. No excessively starchy gravy. Gravy had a simple but nice savoury flavour.

This was their claypot roasted pork belly and sea cucumber. The same dish that I had then at Manhill. Rather liked this too.

Because the mui fan was single serving and small portioned, we had to get some rice. So that I could mop up the grease from the 纸包鸡 on my plate and that the gravy from the claypot wouldn't be wasted as well.

Got the apple soup again. It's exactly like what I described at Manhill. Not one of the better Chinese fruit soups I've had.

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