Friday, January 24, 2014

Ser Wong Fun (蛇王芬), Cochrane Street, Hong Kong Central

Ser Wong Fun, snake soup

We were here (30 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong, tel : +852 2543 1032) for a couple of reasons. The obvious one was to have dinner and their snake soup. The second was to spirit away a small batch of liver lup cheong which we had previously gotten before and had liked.

This was the first time we were having the snake soup. Snake tasted like chicken. Seriously, albeit with a more stringy texture. The bowl of piping hot soup was topped with fried crackers and shredded kaffir lime leaves which really created loads of textures with the sliced mushrooms and snake meat. Beside the accented flavour of the lime leaves, the soup pretty much just tasted mushroomy.

Ser Wong Fun, lup cheong rice

Another item I was looking forward to was their lup cheong rice. It's basically just that; a duo of preserved sausages (the regular and liver ones) over piping hot steamed rice. Drizzled with a little bit of light soy sauce, it was just that irrefutable medley of sweet, savoury and umami lethality. The flavours are again running through my head again as I typed this.

Ser Wong Fun, cabbage fermented bean curd

This was just cabbage fried with fermented bean curd. Flavours were actually quite underwhelming.

Ser Wong Fun, pig lungs soup

The other really awesome item that they had was their doubled boiled soup of stewed pig lungs with dried figs and sweet dates. What caught me off was the burst of fruity flavour (in a good way) that kept me spooning mouthful after mouthful of the sweet broth. The pieces of lungs were tender like stewed tendons. I'm marking this place for returns.

Ser Wong Fun, sweet and sour pork's sweet and sour pork. It's not the best I remember having but it's definitely not a bad rendition if I might say. 

Ser Wong Fun, Cochrane Street, Hong Kong Central

We were put on the waiting list for quite a while before getting our seats. It's one of those uncommon times where the frustration of the wait was worth it.

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