Monday, January 27, 2014

Congee King, Heard Street, Wan Chai

Congee King, scallop pig liver congee

This restaurant (G/F, 7 Heard Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, tel : +852 2882 3268) had been listed in the Michelin Guide for Hong Kong for the past couple of years. They are suppose to be well known for their congee which is made with fish broth. We tried a couple. A lot of the options on menu involved pairing something with pig liver. Mine was scallops with pig liver and we had another which had eel and pig liver. 

Honestly, Wai Kee is better - and noticeably better. The ones here were rather grainy. The pig livers were pretty good though.

Congee King, salted egg yolk pork dumpling

Their salted egg yolk and pork dumping with mung beans were quite well done.

Congee King, boiled fish skin

The other mention-worthy were their boiled fish skins. Garnished with spring onions, chillis and toasted peanuts with sesame oil. The texture was smooth and crunchy and it changed subtly after it ha been dipped in the congee. It's still smooth and crunchy, but in a different way. Didn't like the dough fritters. They were a little too hard and dense and grease logged enough to taste of the oil that was used to fry them.

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