Monday, January 13, 2014

Imperial Treasure at TripleOne Somerset

I've been to Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong (#01-K1/24/25, TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, tel : +65 6732 8798) maybe twice in the past, but had never really given them much though. I guessed that in those previous visits, nothing really registered. This visit however, left some impressions.

For one, the century egg congee with shredded pork was actually not bad at all. It wasn't quite there, but hey, here was where I was when I had this. Radish cake felt the same. Decent, but not quite there. Honestly, this char chan teng themed joint is not representative of what Imperial Treasure can really do, but it accomplishes the job for a fuss free quick lunch.

Their duck is definitely much better done down at ION. The meat here was a little tough and tough to get off the bone. The roasted pork belly on the other hand was very nice. The crackling was crispy. 

Sandwiches are generally not a forte in this country. We cannot even get a Hong Kong styled corned beef sandwich right. There was far too much mayo whipped in the chopped egg which drowned out whatever corned beefiness that might have been present. The white bread however, was steamed and really soft and warm.

This was steamed rice with garlic pork ribs & black bean and braised chicken claws. It's actually ordered off the dim sum menu from the steamboat restaurant by Imperial Treasure just next to this place and one can have them delivered here. This stuff is pretty good. I mean, it's steamed rice. Flavoured with little else but the toppings and soy sauce. We gobbled this up in short minutes.

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