Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some stuff from Siu Choi Wong (小菜王)

Siu Choi Wong (小菜王), baked fish intestines in egg
baked fish intestines in egg

A newly made acquaintance brought us to this dai pai dong which is apparently very popular amongst the locals. As the story goes, this place used to be just a little shop down the road and the previous chef did such a good job that today, it's a couple of units large and no longer just a street stall. Said chef had already departed from this joint and is currently running a show of his own (we actually met that guy on another occasion) in which we were sworn on the pain of death not to disclose.  Just kidding about the last part on death. We had ordered a number of items in this dai pai dong (43 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, tel : +852 2776 8380), but I'll just stick to talking about a few which we though were better since the others were really nothing worth writing home about.

Siu Choi Wong (小菜王), goose intestines
goose intestines

There was a baked fish intestines in egg which we had though was pretty darn good. A first time for me and I'm seeing that I could look out for them in the future. And then some pretty delicious and chewy goose intestines stir fried with bean sprouts which would really make a good dish with beer on the side, plus some very nicely done pig liver that came in a metal pot. These livers were actually one of the better ones that I've had in Hong Kong so far. There was a mild element to their savoury flavours that reminded me of pâte. Can you believe that? And those soft cloves of garlic were just the perfect accompliment.

Siu Choi Wong (小菜王), pig liver

stir fried metal pot pig liver?

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