Sunday, January 05, 2014

meat packing district, Waterloo Street

meat packing district

I remember reading about meat packing district (Blk 261 Waterloo Street, Food Summons Coffee Shop) some time ago when they had just opened up. I never got the chance to visit since they were opened for business only in the weekdays and the old location isn't exactly convenient for anyone that didn't work in their vicinity. This current shop down in the coffeeshop in Waterloo Street was so much more accessible.

To the burger then. Their Fat Elvis was the only one we tried. The medium done patty was decent if not exactly exciting. But then again, what they had charged wasn't high as well and they were already ahead of Fatboy's and their progeny in town. In fact, the only thing that this place might improve on was the quality of the brioche. The generous slather of peanut butter was soft and creamy; bacon's "wasn't so crisp but I'm not complaining" decent and the thing that had me worried the most, the banana tempura slices, were actually very nice. Goreng pisang nice with a batter that wasn't overly thick.

You know what? I'm not opposed to giving this place another go.

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