Sunday, January 26, 2014

Le Port Parfumé, Kau U Fong, Hong Kong Central

Le Port Parfumé, Kau U Fong, Hong Kong Central

We were told that the people behind this restaurant (Shop C, 6-10 Kau U Fong, Central, tel : +852 2824 3018) features the Les Amis alumni previously from Bistro Du Vin and Cépage in Hong Kong. We were informed by the owner that there is no fixed menu as they serve what they can get fresh and hence, availability cannot always be predetermined. Sounds familiar.

Le Port Parfumé, charcuterie
rabbit terrine, duck rillette, Bayonne ham, saucisson

Their charcuterie was so so. I liked the rabbit terrine because it was a more complex in flavour as a meat based item and there was a lot more texture. The rest were really just so so.

Le Port Parfumé, baby squid chorizo omelette
baby squid, chorizo omelette

This came recommended as something akin to a signature item from the restaurant. The first impressions reminded me of oyster omelette. Kinda busted the little French aura right from that first mouthful. There was nothing much to fault on the omelette. I just thought that it was really uninspired and if chorizo was to replace salt for the dish, a lot more chorizo would be appreciated..

Le Port Parfumé, butterfly clams
butterfly clams in white wine sauce

Clams were fresh and springy. Otherwise, boring white wine sauce that can be found in a million other places. In fact, many of them do better in terms of flavour.

Le Port Parfumé, Josper grill lamb ribs
Josper grilled lamb ribs, peas & garlic confit

The lamb was probably the first item that got my attention. It was fall off the bone tender but suffered from the lack of sufficient fat to retain enough of the lamb-y flavour. The peas were very nice and it was all held together by the jus/sauce. Even the rosemary didn't overwhelm. Pity about the lack of natural flavour for the meat.

Le Port Parfumé, Houjicha smoked pigeon
unveiling of the Houjicha tea smoked pigeon

Le Port Parfumé, Houjicha smoked pigeon

Le Port Parfumé, Houjicha smoked pigeon

The smoked pigeon was okay. The meat was pink and there was a lingering smoky aroma left clinging on the skin.

Le Port Parfumé, cote de beouf
cote de beouf

Looked very nice at the start

Le Port Parfumé, cote de beouf

Still quite promising when it was sliced and plated. 

But the doneness was uneven and the fat was concentrated onto regions rather than being more well distributed. I'm not sure what happened to the juices that are suppose to be in the meat because it was neither on the plate nor in the meat. And I cannot believe that this whole prime rib came unsalted. The normally charred exterior was beefy, but flat. Between five persons which included three that could take on meat, there were left overs.

Le Port Parfumé, fries salad
frites & salad

Le Port Parfumé, madeleines chocolate mousse
madeleines, chocolate mousse

Le Port Parfumé, blue cheese gelato
blue cheese gelato

This was the second item that got my attention. We were told that the owner wanted to have this on the desserts even though he knew that most people probably wouldn't order it. The ice cream was pretty good. I would have loved for a little stronger pungent flavour from the blue cheese, but hey, this is my first blue cheese ice cream and it's a good start.

Le Port Parfumé, Kau U Fong, Hong Kong Central

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