Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tai Wing Wah (大榮華酒樓), Yuen Long, New Territories

Tai Wing Wah, chicken

This old school canto restaurant (2/F, Koon Wong Mansion, 2-6 On Ning Road, Yuen Long, tel: +852 2476 9888) down in the New Territories, which is also the flagship outlet apparently takes no reservations. We were brought down by a friend for dim sum. Or brunch.

The food dim sum here was rustic but didn't quite take on the same qualities found Lin Heung. The outstanding items that we had ordered were their 5 taste chicken and a steamed fish (I don't know what fish this is) with pickled lime. Both were delicious. Scratch that, the fish has been elevated to very good. The chicken was tender to the breast and thoroughly infused with the flavour of the savoury braising sauce while the fish was simply freshness flavoured with a light soy dressing and the appetizing lime. 

The rest of the dim sum were..... hmmm....okay I guess. There's a Yanjing beer that they serve that was pretty cheap and oddly lacking the effect that beer normally has. 6 large bottles between 3 persons and not the slightest buzz? 

We were told that the restaurant was well known for their liquid lard and premium soy sauce over steamed rice. Unfortunately, it's something that they only do during dinner. I'm not really adversed to a re-visit (perhaps dinner rather than dim sum) but the location is really out of the way.

Tai Wing Wah, fish

Tai Wing Wah, ma lai ko

Tai Wing Wah, steamed pork ribs

Tai Wing Wah, bean curd skin

Tai Wing Wah, siew mai

Tai Wing Wah, chicken claw

Tai Wing Wah, har gow

Tai Wing Wah, yanjing beer

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red fir said...

The fish looks like mullet, what Teochews call "orh her". Easily available in the market here and in Teochew porridge places. Delicious when steamed with salted soybean paste (taucheo) too.