Thursday, December 24, 2020

Capped short loin of lamb from iSteaks (and grilled chicken)

iSteak, lamb shortloin

I came across what was described as capped short loin of lamb at iSteaks. The printed menu said 250g. There's an online menu which one could access and order via QR which was a little cheaper. That online menu stated 200g. I asked the wait staff, they checked and confirmed it's 200g. When it arrived, I thought it looked more than 200g.

The bottom line was, it's good. Unexpectedly outstanding piece of meat that was properly treated without unnecessary marinade. There was a cap of fat that was nicely caramelized and salted to go with the dusky pink meat of medium doneness. Meat was juicy so I guess the side of olive rice was just the perfect thing to soak up all the lamb-y juices. It was more expensive than their other lamb options but it sure was good.

iSteak, chicken

In other stories, I added on a grilled chicken to my order of lamb. The chicken was served before the lamb. Finished it before the lamb arrived. But it's pretty good. Meat was properly charred and very moist on the inside. This is also where I remind myself that the mushroom sauce wasn't as good as the one from Aston's and that I should never choose it again.

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