Wednesday, December 16, 2020

London Fat Duck, Great World

We ate at London Fat Duck in Scotts Square a few years ago when they just started business. Back then, they were a venture by Akashi and Fei Xiong groups. I recall it wasn't a particularly good experience. Now it's run by just Akashi. Menu has had changes since.

We didn't have any duck this time.

london fat duck, char siew

I remember them doing a pretty decent char siew. This wasn't the barbequed pork I had expected.  Pretty sure it's not the same thing we had previously but it didn't matter because this one wasn't bad too. Struck a good balance between meat and fat. Liked the sweet sauce. Just not the char siew I was expecting.

london fat duck, fish noodles

Tried the fish noodles with fish curd. Menu stated superior sauce but I would prefer to just call it prawn soup. Yeah, the very same kind one gets in hae mee. Spiked with lard. Not bad at all. The texture of the noodles was like soft fish cake. Fish curd was also like fish cake with more bite. 

london fat duck, har gow

We ended up with har gow. Better than I remember them.

london fat duck, black truffle fried rice

Debated over this and their duck bak kwa fried rice. In the end the black truffle won. Turned out to be very nice. Even if we were to discount the slices of black truffle and truffle puree, this was already a competent plate of properly fried rice which had the savouriness and texture it deserved to make it delicious. A different thing from the one by Tampopo so I couldn't make a proper comparison. I liked both.

london fat duck, brinjal minced pork

Obligatory vegetable dish of brinjal in minced meat sauce. Gotta have this with plain rice the next time.

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