Wednesday, December 30, 2020

More food from Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster, pineapple tea

More food from Burger & Lobster.

Burger & Lobster, lobster nuggets

These above were their lobster nuggets. Each "nugget" was a claw, six pieces of them for $18. So if $3 is a fair amount to pay for a fried shelled lobster claw to you, here's where you can get some.

Burger & Lobster, lobster mac and cheese

That's the lobster mac & cheese. Nice crusty salty melted cheese that sealed a ramekin of macaroni which was soaked in something that tasted like a creamy lobster bisque. Full of creamy crustacean flavour and had bits of lobster meat as well.

Burger & Lobster, lobster rosti

Lobster rosti wasn't as impressive as the previous two items. Rosti wasn't bad but the lobster here was just salty without the sweetness. Will not order again.

Burger & Lobster, venison burger

They had this venison burger for the Christmas season. Venison patty with Brie, bacon and cranberry relish. Not bad. But I couldn't tell the meat from their beef burger.

Burger & Lobster, texas waffle chicken

Something they called Texan waffle chicken. Chicken's not bad. Buttermilk fried and very moist with a pleasant savoury marinade. The waffle was thick and sweet and had come crunchy sweet bits in them. For some reasons, I was popping mouthful after another of the waffle until I finished one. Didn't do it for the second piece because of the sugar overload by then.

Burger & Lobster, pineapple tea

Pretended to quench thirst with their expensive but delicious pineapple tea.

Burger & Lobster, Raffles Hotel

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