Friday, December 11, 2020

Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow, Havelock Road Food Centre

Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow

I haven't tried the char kuey teow from Meng Kee (#01-07 Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, 22A/B Havelock Road) before. This was a takeaway. And maybe because it was a takeaway, the noodles were a little wet. I like them dryer. Hum-less. No scorch on the noodles or kuey teow. Flavour was so so. No strips of fish cake as well. There's a bit of fragrance from the lard but that was about it. Not my kind of char kuey teow. Have yet to define what exactly is the type I like but I'm not impressed by this.

Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow, Havelock Road

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