Sunday, December 27, 2020

Revisiting Ma Maison Kitchen

Ma Maison Kitchen, yuzu latte

That's their yuzu latte. I had imagined that like a sweet potato or pumpkin latte, I'd be getting a flavoured milky drink. I didn't expect yuzu flavour in an actual latte. But that's what we got. And oddly, it worked without tasting weird. Just like the cucumber latte.

Ma Maison Kitchen, mushroom soup

Last time we were here was Halloween season. This time it was the Christmas. Ordered one of their Christmas special steak which came with mushroom soup. 

Ma Maison Kitchen, xmas steak

Australian Angus beef, no cut was mentioned.

Ma Maison Kitchen, xmas steak

Served with a sauce boat of their spiced berry and red wine sauce. It was a fruity tasty steak.

Ma Maison Kitchen, sirloin steak

We remembered their sirloin from their Scream curry rice the last time. So we got the steak today. Not bad. Very decent piece properly treated with a crusty char on the outside. No dry ageing needed.

Ma Maison Kitchen, mentaiko spaghetti

And their yummy umami mentaiko supagetti with wok hei. This has been more or less consistently good since the first time I've had it.

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