Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Japanese Curry Express, Fortune Centre

Japanese Curry Express, Fortune Centre

Japanese Curry Express (#03-04 Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, tel : +65 9689 6314) has sporadically popped up in my radar over the years. In spite of the name, these guys do not just serve Japanese curry. There're a bunch of other stuff like makis, donburis and miscellaneous small plates that can be ordered. The food is localized Japanese. I've never paid much attention to them before.

Japanese Curry Express, mentai salmon don

We tried a few items that they were known for. Like their mentai salmon don. Not bad. Would have liked it better if they aburi-ed the salmon to the point where the meat had a smoky char. 

Japanese Curry Express, ebi mango maki

Their ebi mango maki was nice. The salty tobiko popping over the tangy sweet mango draped across freshly fried prawn covered in rice was just fun textures and a tasty melange of flavours.

Japanese Curry Express, salmon sashimi

Their salmon sashimi came in thick slices. Reminded me of the old Wasabi Tei.

Japanese Curry Express, chawanmushi

Chawanmushi was served in a huge bowl and steamed to order. This was easily more than double the portion of most chawanmushi servings. Hidden in the steamed egg were bits of scallops, a prawn, chicken and naruto. I liked that they added a drizzle of La-Yu for some heat. A nice bit of warm distraction from the  homogeneously savoury egg custard.

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