Thursday, December 10, 2020

Pu3, TripleOne Somerset

pu3, TripleOne Somerset

We first noticed Pu3 (#02-20 TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Rd, tel  +65 9272 0034) back when they were located at Bencoolen Street. Was curious about their food but never gotten the chance to visit until now. The name is presumably derived from the word putri - which could mean daughter/princess/woman in Indonesia/Malaysia. What they are known for is nasi ambeng - nasi padang on a platter with an assortment of dishes. Definitions may vary from person to person.

Pu3, nasi ambeng

That's their nasi ambeng. This portion serves two. There's opor ayam (chicken with spiced coconut milk gravy), beef rendang, sambal goreng, brinjal with sambal merah (red sambal), paru goreng (fried cow lungs), serunding (spiced grated coconut), begedil (mashed potato patties) and urap (salad) with rice.

Not bad but not as well done as I had been hoping for. Some of the paru goreng were super chewy and the beef rendang was kinda tough. The rest was pretty good. Loved the mixture of heat from their sambal belachan, the savoury lemak gravy from the opor ayam and the sweet from the serunding on the rice. 

Pu3, ikan caru sumbat bakar

Topped up the order with ikan caru sumbat bakar. Hope I got the name right. Grilled fish stuffed with rempah. Moist and warm but I think it was reheated in the microwave. Everything was a symphony of Asian flavours, how could I have stopped myself with the rice?

Pu3, TripleOne Somerset

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